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Expeditious, safe extubation is vitally important in the care and recovery of Intensive Care Unit patients.
Extubation Advisor™ (EA) is the first clinical decision support tool developed to provide prediction of extubation outcomes and to standardize the assessment of extubation readiness.
EA™ seamlessly connects with critical care monitors to analyze respiratory rate variability of a patient during periods of increased workload to estimate the risk of extubation failure and offer novel insights into a patient’s health status currently unavailable from standard-of-care monitoring equipment.
EA™ focuses on individualized patient care, providing real-time analysis of patient performance during spontaneous breathing trials (SBT) and individualized risk mitigation strategies to optimize extubation outcomes.
EA™ utilizes the knowledge and expertise of bedside Respiratory Therapists (RTs) to support the Clinician’s decisions on the best course of action for each patient being evaluated for extubation.
EA™ combines standardized assessment of extubation readiness (via an evidence-based checklist), enhanced prediction of extubation outcomes (using a variability-derived predictive model, RSBI, and RT clinical impression), individualized risk mitigation strategies and documentation of the SBT performance (EA™ Report) to optimally support extubation clinical decision making.